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Thailand is always one of those choices you made to travel to, even for just a holiday experience or a romantic honeymoon trip. Here now comes to an issue of entering the Kingdom of Thailand on tourism purposes whatsoever, and it’s about the tourist visa information as much essential as other visas you need to know. There is no way to ignore all the rule of its and just think about it… how can you stay in Thailand for a year like a Thai citizen as the fact that you are not? Robin Hood-like status? No way! I am sure you don’t want that. So why not make things right and get yourself into the right direction? is here, to sort things out for you.

The rule of Tourist Visa is just so simple to follow. Before entering Thailand, you must apply for a tourist visa, but this also depends on the passport you are holding. Most western countries do not need a tourist visa to Thailand, and most are allowed to enter 30 days as tourists and some 15 days. The countries are such as The United States, UK, Sweden, Belgium, France, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, China, India… etc, but for the complete list, check HERE. The validity of visa is actually for 60 days (2 months) as the first permit, and if you want to continue touring the country, the visa extension will be granted for another 30 days and after that, the immigration will extend your tourist visa once again for additional 10 days. But further additional extension also depends on the nationals. Applying for an extension of tourist visa can be preceded easily at the neighboring countries as well. Check out more about a new visa run rule HERE

Nevertheless, you must realize that you are not allowed to work or conduct any businesses in Thailand with a tourist visa, unless you change the status of visa but you must file an application for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau at Soi Suan Plu, Sathorn Road, Bangkok.

Now… how do you see things work? Do you see yourself getting into Thailand without trouble, as a tourist? Only follow the rule and read the information carefully and you won’t be in trouble, we are sure… Find out more about Tourist Visa, visit or

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