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Taking a bus in Phuket

There is a daytime bus service (songthew) to most parts of the island. All the busses run in a loop from Phuket town to the destination and then back to Phuket town again. The bus terminal in Phuket town is at the food market (talad sod) they park along this one way road. If you are planning to go with the bus then all you got to do is locate the right bus (all of them have signs on their destination) and enter the bus.

The buses run until 6 a clock in the evening and start in the morning. This is a much safer way to travel around the island then the Tuk-Tuk is and at the same time very sheep way to travel. You get to see allot from the bus and can stop it at any time to get off!

There are no bus stops in Phuket! All you need to do is go to the road where the bus passes and wave with your hand when it comes. You climb on and the bus continues the trip. You pay either to the driver or to the "money collector" when he comes and the price is around 15-25 THB / person depending on destination.

Traveling by bus to and from Phuket is cheap and a good way to travel. Some of the bus trips is day time and offers you a chance to see the country.

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