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Thai Food

The Thai food is a true international cuisine and enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The Thai food is different depending on which part of Thailand you live, Phuket is famous for its seafood.

The seafood is served in Phuket style, most likely barbercue, fried or steamed. To this they ad a number of spices and herbs to get the right taste on the food, among this is garlic, lemon grass, chilies, mint, cumin, basil, coriander and shrimp paste.

The Thai people love to eat, no mater where you are their will not be far to the closest street kitchen or restaurant. Most of the time the Thais eat on the road kitchens, this is most of the time very good and cheap food. If you want to try this way of eating, then go to the places with many customers this guarantee fresh ingredients and that the food is good.

The Thai people do also get problem with their stomachs if the food is not well prepared or fresh. The Thai dishes are most of the time not very hot, but if you like hot food you can always ask for it.

Some Thai dishes that we can recommend is the following:

Som Tam, or papaya pok pok! (Papaya salad), you eat this with barbecued chicken or just as a salad. The dish comes from Northern Thailand but is very popular all over Thailand. This salad is very hot but you can ask to make it not hot (may pet). If you like to try a more simple version of this salad you ask them to make "Som tam tam thai" then you get a version without seafood or so much chili.

Khao ka gai, this is a chicken dish where you get fresh boiled chicken meat on rice that is boiled with some garlic and oil to give it a taste. To this you get a bowl of clear soup from the chicken and a bowl with a spicy souse.

Kaeng Mat Sa Man, Rich beef or chicken curry with sweet potato

Kaeng Ka Ri, A mild flavored Indian type curry made with chicken, beef or lamb with potatos, tomatoes and onions.

Kaeng Keow Wan, Classical Thai curry, green and slightly sweet. Cooked with variety of flesh -- chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or roasted duck.

Keang Som, Fish or shrimp and vegtible ragout with sour, salty and sweet flavor.

Khao phat, Fried rice vith vegetable and some kind of meat of seafood.

Water in Phuket

The tap water in Thailand is not safe to drink. Drink only bottled water or from a flask supplied from the hotel. Water provided in resturants is safe, but if you go out to a street kitchen to eat drink only water from a bottle. Most street kitchen use tank water, this is good for Thais who are used to the bakteria but not for the turist.

The ice is most of the time very safe, but do avoide the "shaved" ice from the road side stalls.

Due to the climate in Thailand it is recomended to drink at least 2 liter of water per person and day.

Fruit in Thailand

Phuket Island is a tropical fruit version of heaven. Every day all year long a variety of sweet succulent delicious fruits are in season and ready for you to enjoy.

Thais traditionally finish a meal with a serving of fruit and save the sweeter Thai desserts for snacking between meals.

Many tropical fruits are grown right here on Phuket Island. Pineapple grown here is famous throughout Thailand for being particularly sweet and crunchy and is a major export product.

  • Rambutan is a cute, small red oval fruit with hair. On your first encounter you may not know if you should eat it or pet it; but inside is a sweet taste treat that is unfortunately too fragile for export.
  • Bananas are small and sweet and are available all year.
  • Pineapple direct from Phuket is the sweetest and most tasty pineapple you will ever taste. Phuket Pineapple is famous in Thailand for the fantastic taste a must to try!
  • Papaya - has a sweet orange flesh is a favorite dessert. Like many tropical fruits, it is also eaten green, served in the famous Som Tam (papaya salad).
  • Mangosteen, the queen of Thai fruits, it is a dark red color outside and have white soft meat unside. The taste is very sweet and loved all over Thailand.
  • Durian is perhaps the king of tropical fruits. It has a bit of an odor problem, but definitely is a taste treat you don't want to miss. Available in the spring months only.
  • Rose Apples are a bell-shaped, green, waxy-looking fruit available most of the year, the flesh is sweet and crunchy -- a favorite with children.
  • Guava is a round yellowish-green fruit taste somewhat like an apple, it can be eaten with salt and dried chilies as a snack.
  • Mango the national fruit is delicious, sweet and juicy when Tipe, but can also eaten green--dipped into a blend of sugar, salt and chili.

Eating fruit is not only delicious but helps take out the fire of some of the more spicy dishes of Thai food.

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