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Climate in Phuket, Thailand

Before deciding to choose Phuket as a travel destination, what’s best to be considered is the climate and period. If you are from the coldest places like New York, Alaska, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and you name it… Phuket will be ultimately the best option for its tropical climate and warm temperature all year round. But at the same time, it offers a breeze from the ocean to cool down. The monsoon varies in direction according to the season.

There are two distinct seasons in Phuket which are dry and rainy. Rainy season, aka monsoon season, is from June to October with the influence of the southwest monsoon from Indian Ocean that brings lots of rain. The weather will be hot, humid and of course wet and wet. This time of the year is likely low season, but that may fit well with travelers on budget. But the boat trips to other islands will probably be prohibited during this season.  

In November to April, the weather will be much nicer with cool dry air from the northeast monsoon. It will bring gentle breeze, keep calm seas and give clear blue skies. Particularly, December is the high season for tourism and is the coolest time of year. The highest temperature is during March and April which the average temperature will range from 27 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). And in-between period, May will be very hot too.

So visiting Phuket during the monsoon is not unpleasent, most of the days are rain free except for the showers in the afternoon. Phuket gets an average of 2540 mm of rain per year. Watch out for weather and seasons and select your travel period, and you will be free from any climatic problems.

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