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Sailing & Boating in Phuket

Once you are in Phuket, you can’t miss some of the most beautiful Sailings in the world. Once in a while climb up to the deck of the boat, set your mind free with the breeze and drop out your stress into the water, and cheer up with an ice-cold glass of cocktail in one hand. It then seems there’s nothing to be worried about during your holidays in Phuket.

As a warm and tropical paradise, Phuket’s beaches and neighboring islands offers you the delights of the best sea view on a sailing. Blue sky, sparkling azure water, a group of dolphins, far-side mountain view, and so on… all are available within your eyes sight and grab your heart once you leave the shore. Whether or not you are a devoted sailor, you can still discover the serenity and the pure beauty of the ocean by sailing along with a sailing pro or joining a boat tour for a day. If you are an experienced sailor, renting a private charter and yacht is possible from several marinas around Phuket.

Looking for the best time to sail, recommends November to February that will bring steady winds and make you sail smoothly and happily. As for the most experience, you may want to try during mid May to late October with heavy seas. Every year, Phuket hosts the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, which is Asia’s biggest and most popular regatta, during the first week of December, in the celebration of the King’s Birthday. The week long event includes great parties, great sailing and lots of fun to follow.

However, instead of spending your Phuket holiday walking from sail shop to sail shop looking for the best deal, let the Phuket Sailing Guide do the walking for you. You have the option of booking sail tours on-line or communicating directly through e-mail, phone or fax with your preferred sail tour agent.

“Let’s sail and roll and enjoy the winds… and feel the infinite liberty of the ocean and sky.”

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