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Sport Fishing in Phuket

Just when getting a strong desire to sail around Phuket’s beaches and nearby islands, make sure you not to miss the exciting game of fishing. Fishing is not just yet another fun activity to enjoy but also the memorable experience during your holidays in Thailand.

In addition to its designation as “The Jewel of Andaman” or “The City of the Pearl”, Phuket is also known as “Sea Fish Capital of Asia”. If you ever experience the city for real, you will discover its truth. Once you are offshore and stop in the middle of the fishing area, say Sawasdee (in Thai) or Hello to a wide array of several tropical fish such as Black Marlin, Tuna, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Dolphin, Wahoo, Barracuda, Red Snappers, Rainbow Runners, Sailfish, Cobia, Dorado, Giant Trevally, Sharks and so on…. And the fun excitement begins once throwing your fishing hook into the warm waters around the Andaman Sea, and wait to see what to be trapped. That is worth it for one of the best memories in Phuket.

Every year, Phuket attracts most anglers from all over the world during high season from November through January which is the best time to the big fishing game, but conditions are excellent for fishermen year-round. Fishing daily tour, equipment and boat rentals and sport fishing agents are available through

Fishing is also a big hit Phuket has to offer…

Chok Mena Fishing Tours Chok Mena Fishing Tours
Price in Thai Baht / Day: Location: Rawai Beach
Deep-sea fishing is very popular off the shores of Phuket. Chok Mena is owned and operated by a local fisherman who knows his way around.
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