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Do you ever want to look good in Armani, Versace, Valentino or other famous designers’ suit or dress? So no look further or invest any more money in any of those international names when in Thailand. Here, finest tailors are around to make a perfect fit for your body and shape in the high quality, from whatever style of your favorite designers,

Plenty of tailor shops in Thailand are available with lots of special deals, and that differentiates how to select the best tailor. But after all, you can have shirts, trousers, skirts or suits nicely designed, sewn, cut and handmade at a very affordable price, depending on choice of materials and style. And you can have your “bespoke” clothes delivered to you only a few days or a few hours.

Most of tailors in Thailand also know best and suggest some patterns that may suit perfectly your body. You can choose from a wide selection of fabrics, both locally-made such as Thai silk or Thai cotton and imported. Especially Thai materials you can’t find much in your country, or if you can, they are usually double a price of Thailand. So it’s all worth it for what you pay for once your “made-to-order” clothes are done and you satisfy with all delicate work the tailor does.

Tailor shops are available almost in every city in Thailand: Bangkok and major tourist destinations, especially Phuket. Even though you come for vacations in Phuket, we still suggest you to pick up one or two suits or dress (es). recommends some of tailor shops in Phuket to fill your wardrobe, and get your money worth every dollar you spend.

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