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Shopping Centers in Phuket

For those who are the most enthusiastic shopaholic, Phuket becomes a new paradise for shopping, or a “Shopping Paradise of the Andaman”, since the city now offers more shopping opportunities than ever. This time you don’t have to spend more time in Bangkok for shopping anymore when you can find the similar good-quality, unique and traditional items in the city of pearl, Phuket.

With significant growth in terms of infrastructure development, Phuket is booming and attracting more tourists to explore several shopping centers around town. Some of them are new, some are just like the same old day, but after all it’s about where you can go to shop, and definitely SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP.

There are so many shopping centers in Phuket, as in Bangkok, from noisy night markets, street vendors, beaches stands, local shops to cool air-conditioned department stores (such as Robinson, Tesco Lotus, Big C and Central Festival) and local traditional shops.

The shops are located in different areas so that means your options for shopping is varied. Large department stores are located in Phuket Town and Patong. Other centers are along Ratsada Road, Montri Road, Kata and Karon Beach.

So look around and make a trip to shop near you, or at least try most of the shops, you may find reasonable price at different locations.

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