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Gold and Jewelry

While in Thailand, one thing not to be missed to shop is “gold and jewelry”. In every town in Thailand, whether it’s along street vendors, roadside stands or shopping malls, you can easily find most gold and jewelry shops selling necklaces, earring, bracelets, pendants, ornaments and other shinning handcrafted items.

As a fact, Thailand is a leading producer of sapphire and the world’s largest cutter of other colored stones. Thai artisans do an excellent job to craft jewelry to meet international standards and tastes, and every work they do are delicate and neat, with the prices depending on the workmanship and the details of individual items. But a bargain is also possible in most tourist areas throughout the country.

Phuket is one of the cities offering gold and jewelry in variety made since the city was given by the name of “The Jewel of Andaman” or “the city of pearl”. Phuket is then popular for pearl farms and each pearl is modeled and shaped in colors and sizes. Pearl then becomes the specialty of Phuket more than any other jewels.  

Furthermore, there are also many gold and jewelry shops in tourist areas of Phuket, at competitive prices, but great bargains can also be found. Most jewelry shops in hotels and shopping malls offer magnificent pieces at reasonable prices with guarantees of authenticity. Along Ranong Road in Phuket City, there are numerous traditional Thai-Chinese gold shops.

Even Thai silver jewelry is worth shopping with its unique and traditional design developed from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand, and they are all also available in most touristic places in Phuket. The silver products are such as bowls, boxes, cigarette cases and vases.

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