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The Phuket Guide Team appreciates your patronage. We will never stop working to earn your trust so you, your friends and family will always consider our website a valued resource. At the top of our priority list is protecting your privacy. We take every precaution to safeguard it. Below is our policy. Please email with questions.

Cookies are basically code, which we store on your computer’s hard drive so that we can personalize your Phuket Guide experience depending on your interests and the pages you view. We do not allow any other company to access our cookies and never will. If you would still prefer for we not use cookies to personalize your experience on our site, you can simply disable them under your Internet browser’s options window.

Personal Information
Phuket Guide does not rent, sell, barter or share your names or addresses with anyone. You can be confident that visiting our site will never result in your being added to yet another unwanted mailing list.

Credit Card Information
Phuket Guide does not share your credit card number or other personal identification with anyone but our client involved in your transaction. If you are making a hotel reservation on our site, we do store your information and credit card number, however, this is collected using a secure server. Your personal data is then encrypted and saved in a secure off-line location. This data is only used for the purposes of processing reservations and personalizing your experience on our site by informing you of special targeted offers that pertain to your reservation.

The only website visitor statistics we gather is general, non-personal demographic data that can never be traced back to you. The statistics we track and report to our clients include number of visitors, country of origin, number of services purchased.

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