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Waterfalls in and around Phuket

Phuket has 3 major waterfalls (nam thok in Thai), that can be interesting to visit

Ton Sai

Ton Sai, a small fall over which it pours a great amount of water during the rainy season. The trees, watercourses and the pools nearby provide one of Phukets loveliest scenes.

The parks headquarter and a small restaurant with an excellent view is also at Ton Sai. Located near Thalang town, 22 kms from Phuket.

Go to the traffic light and take the road running east; look for posted signs indicating Kao Pra Town.

Bang Pae

Bang Pae, Best known as the site of the Gibbon Fund, a project to return domesticated gibbons to the forest.

Bang Pae is a small waterfall with a shady forest and thick foliage surrounding The walk to the waterfall offers a chance to come out in the rainforest and you will have a chance to see animals, the walk can be difficult and people with some disabled should not go up their.

To get there and go to the Two Heroines Monument and take the road running east, the Pa Khlok Rd, 7 kms to Bang Pae look for the posted signs.

Kahtu waterfall

When you tire of the beach scene and want to explore the interior of the island the Kathu Waterfall is a good place to start. A pleasant location for a picnic and an afternoon swim set among the mountains of the central district of Kathu.

From the parking lot, cross the bridge and climb 250 m (840ft) up the step to the lower falls. To reach the higher falls, cross the pond wall and climb l00m (320ft) up the steps cut into the hillside. At the top are more beautiful pools that offer a cool relaxing place for a quick swim.

The falls are at their best in the monsoon but dwindle to only a trickle in the dry season of March through May. To get there take the main highway from Patong to Phuket. At the first intersection, turn left onto the road to Kathu. About 1½ km (1 mile) later, turn left at the sign and drive 2km (1½ mile) to the falls.

For a Virtual 360 tour of Kathu Waterfall, just click on the photo.

This can take a little bit time to load, all depending on the connection to Internet, please be patient.

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