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View points in Phuket
When you come to Phuket bring your camera and lots of film. The biggest decision you will have to make is where NOT to take a picture.

The sunset view from Laem Promthep is stunning. Get there early. You won't regret it. There are countless cliffs overlooking pristine white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and monkeys climbing swaying palm trees to pick coconuts.

The countless beauties wandering the beaches of Phuket are excellent photo material for the amateur photographer.

If you forget your camera, you can always rent (or buy) one here. Just don't forget your sweetheart and a good bottle of wine.

Kao Rang Hill

Kao Rang, a great view of Phuket town, the southern part of the island and some of the offshore islands, can be obtained by going to the top of Kao Rang Hill, on the city's northwest.

There are also several restaurants featuring spectacular views of the city, a health park for exercise enthusiasts and a comfortable expanse of grass for picnickers at the top with a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit the model Governor of Phuket during King Rama V´s reign.

Prom Thep Cape

Prom Thep Cape, 'Prom' is Thai for the Hindu 'Brahma' signifying purity, and 'Thep' means 'God'. Promthep is a headland stretching in to the sea and forming the extreme south-end of Phuket It has been a prominent feature for mariners since of early seafarers from the sub-continent, remains of whose journey's have been found all along the Malay-peninsula's west coast. From Rawai Beach turn right and go for 2 kms. The cape has tall cliffs on the south, and was formerly called by local villagers 'Laem Jao' (The Gods' Cape). From the cliffs running down to the boulders at the sea is a line of toddy palm trees.

Emerald green currents swirl in the deep water and breakers hurl themselves in vain against the rocky point: it is one of Phuket's most inspiring vistas. In the distance can be seen Koh Gaew. From Promthep Cape, which is the most beautiful place to catch Phuket's famous sunset, a road leads northwest to Nai Ham Beach.

For a Virtual 360 tour of Leam Prom Thep, just click on the photo.

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View Point

View Point, from this point can be seen the bays of Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon, and also Koh Poo Island.

It is one of the island's best views. A large public sala, or shelter is there for visitors, and several vendors sell food, drinks, and souvenirs in the area when the weather is nice.

The Viewpoint is between Kata and Nai Harn.

For a Virtual 360 tour of View Point, just click on the photo.

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