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Islands around Phuket

Phuket's archipelago is one of the most fantastic places in the world. If you would like to visit all the Islands then it would take months. Phuket-Guide.Com has put in a number of islands that is interesting to visit.

Use Phuket-Guide.Com to explore the island paradises around Phuket.

Many movies are made from this area; Hollywood loves the fantastic formations, crystal clear water and the fine white beaches.

There is James Bond, he has 2 movies from this area. When they need exotic and interesting settings then this is the pick! The first Bond movie made in Phuket was “The man with a golden gun” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”

But this is not all of them; the latest big movie made in Phuket is “The Beach” with big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard and Virginie Ledoyen as Francoise. We cannot say how many more movies are made but this area is popular to the moviemakers.

Coral Island

Also called Hey Island, this island off Phukets south coast is so well known for its coral reef that it is often referred to simply as Coral island.

In addition to the splendid reefs there are two fine beaches on the north and west. Koh Heh is part of a marine preserve, but accommodations, restaurants, various watersports, and diving are all available.

Boats leave from Rawai and Chalong. There are also package tours available.

James Bond island

Ko Ping Kan, also known as James Bond island, as it was featured in the Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun".

The only reason the boat makes a short stop here is to allow you an opportunity to buy overpriced souvenirs, but don't worry the scheduled events for the day will afford you many opportunities to find that special gift for someone back home.

The water in front of Ko Ping Kan holds a geologic oddity called Ko Tapu (Nail island). Rising from a thin base it soars out of. the water, and from a distance looks like a giant rocketship being launched out of the sea.

Kaew island

A fine beach, natural surroundings, and coral are on this little island 3 kms from Rawai, south of Prom Thep. There is also a giant statue of the Buddha. The island is 15 minutes by chartered boat from Rawai.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a beautiful island that has managed to maintain it’s special atmosphere despite the fact that many people have found their way here the during the last few years. This is still a place where you can relax and enjoy the peacefull atmosphere, the cheap and very good food and the fantastic beaches. What you do not get is the commercialism which many tourist traps all over the works seem to think is what the average person on holiday really need and want.

Lohn Island

This large, mountainous island is only 20 minutes by regular passenger boat from Chalong Bay, in the south of Phuket.

The mainly Muslim inhabitants engage in fishing, rubber and coconut planting. There is a long stretch of beach on the northeast coast. Boats to Koh Lohn leave daily in the early morning from Chalong Pier.

Mai Ton Island

This tiny island off Phukets southeast cost is highly prized for its perfect natural environment, including fine white beaches and crystal clear water; ideal for swimming, diving, or fishing.

The only business of any kind is the plush Mai Ton Island Resort.

Those not wishing to stay over night may take a daytime excursion leaving from Ao Makam deep sea port. For details contact 076-214954-7

Naka Noi Island

This small, quiet island with fine sandy beaches lies just off Phukets northeast shore.

Water is suitable for swimming. One item of interest at Koh Naka Noy that is not found in many other places is the pearl farm.

Boats can be hired from Ao Por Pier, off Pa Khlok Rd for travel to Koh Naka Noy.

Phi Phi Island

Are part of a national park perched at the southern end of the Phangnga chain, 34km (20miles) southeast of Phuket.

Two islands of awesome beauty studded with huge emerald green Limestone Mountains. The two enormous mountains that dominate the islands one 498m (1630ft) tall are linked by a strip of sand to create what from the air would look like a giant dumbbell. The strand of sand separating the islands is narrow.

Rahng yai island

Lying of Phukets East Coast , this small island has been developed for the outdoor-minded tourist.

Among the many activities are sea kayaking, mountain-biking, playing miniature golf and visiting the islands pearl farm.

For travel to Koh Rahng Yai, boats may be hired from Leam Hin Pier; just outside Phuket Town before the town of Sapam or from Phuket boat Lagoon.

Raya noi island

This Island 10 kms from Koh Raya Yai, is the result of coral reef build up, and their are more rocks than beaches.

In a small bay on the west is a boat anchorage. The waters at the Koh Raya Noi are emerald green and the fishing is famous, but swimming is not advised.

Raya yai island

On the west coast is a fine beach closed in by the hills that stretch away from it like two arms of a horseshoe called alternately Ao Tawan Tok or Ao Bungalow.

The sands are sparkling clean and the waters crystal clear like the bays south is a view point from the top of a hill on the bays south is a view point from which the whole island can be seen.

On the east, at Ao Kon Kae Bay is a coral reef where diving is excellent.

Similan island

The Similan Islands are some the worlds most beautiful and unspoiled islands and together with the splendor of the rich and varied marine life, and stunning coral reefs they offer a virtual underwater paradise for divers worldwide.

The Similans are located 95 km northwest of Phuket. The Similan Islands are world famous among scuba diving enthusiasts ranking amongst the finest dive sites in the world.

There are nine islands making up the Similian Archipelago of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.

Sirey island

Separated from the mainland of Phuket by the klong Ta Jin, a shallow mangrove swamp, this twenty square kilometer island is connected by a causeway to the city.

Wat Koh Sirey, on the hill has a large reclining Buddha and provides fine views of the surroundings.

Phukets largest settlement of Sea Gipsies or Chao Lay, is on Koh Sirey at Leam Tuk-kae. Swimming is not good because of the muddy bottom.

There is some popular seafood restaurants on the Eastern Shore.

Tapao yai island

10 minutes from Phuket by ferry from Ao Makam on Phukets southeast coast. The island is home to the Bucerotes hornbill.

To get there from Phuket town take Jao Fah Rd. To the Sakdidet Rd. Intersection, turn left on Sakdidet and follow it 8 kms to Ao Makam. The road splits in the vicinity of oil storage facilities: take the left fork about 200 meters to the Koh Tapao ferry pier.

Dining and accommodations available on the island. For details call Phuket Paradise, 076-214917

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