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Interesting Places in and around Phuket
Phuket is the gem of the Andaman Sea with golden-sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters and coral reefs rich with sea life. Surrounded by 32 smaller islands, all close enough to visit on a 1-day cruise, Phuket is a Mecca for diving, snorkelling and sun bathing. Experienced and novice divers can enjoy a variety of underwater landscapes with professional guides throughout the year where the water temperature always hovers at around +30 degrees centigrade (86 Fahrenheit).

For land-lovers, there are also many sights from which to choose. The island hosts spectacular views from high mountain peaks accented by limestone and lush green jungles. There are also a number of beautiful waterfalls, parks and nature reserves for the outdoor explorer. Butterflies, tropical fish and orchids can also be enjoyed at the local farms and aquariums, while cultural and architectural attractions include Buddhist Temples and Nineteenth Century mansions.

Organized below is a list of Phuket’s most interesting places for travellers. Rent a car (or a boat!) for a couple of days and take your time to see all the island has to offer. If you would prefer a tour, there are guides and drivers available. We invite your feedback and questions, and hope to help make your dream trip to our beautiful island paradise a reality!

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