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Architectural Buildings in Phuket

Besides natural and greenery sightseeing in Phuket, one of the charms not to be missed is over half century architectural, old buildings, lined up along the street in Phuket town. Back to the nineteenth century during the tin mining era, the town was developed with the construction of old mansions and shops, still well-preserved until today. Most of the ancient buildings were influenced from the mixture of the elaborate Chinese architecture and the western one, described as Sino-Portuguese with a strongly Mediterranean character – classic Renaissance, neo-Europe classic mingled with Chinese Thai style. This is quite a significant style reflecting the diverse history of Phuket, and it becomes a real gem of the island.

Shops characteristically present a narrow face of the front door while stretching deep a long way. They are more beautiful and antique with the wooden Chinese fretwork carving at the door and window and interior decoration neatly goes with European styles. There are curing pillars standing in row on the first floor in each building. They are used to hold or carry the weight of the second floor and to mark the space of arcade or Ngorkakee as the Chinese call as well. Ngorkakee means the pavement with the roofs. They are all worth stopping to observe, admire and take some pictures.

These old handsome buildings are welcome tourists on Phangnga, Yaowarat, Thalang, and Krabi, probably called “Old Phuket”. The owners of the buildings understand their value to conserve them so they try to keep the buildings in a good condition. But most of them have been out of repair and maintenance, here is when government takes part in to renovate and keep Phuket much more worth visiting, now and forever.

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