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Shows & Entertainment in Phuket

What a fun day and night when Phuket enlightens every moment of your holiday with plenty of activities in different lifestyle. Shows and entertainment is one activity to serve you, and among all, some are the main attraction that increases the number of visitors in Phuket every year.

Phuket features so many shows of quality and tastes to excite both kids and adult alike. Family have fun at the animal shows and get impressed by the intelligence and charm of animals such as monkeys, elephants, snakes, crocodiles, and more. Or even they enjoy the fun-filled day together at the mini-theme park of T-Rex and his pals.

The night in Phuket is the highlight not to be missed. The island lights up your heart and brightens your eyes with lots of dazzling light works, beautiful decoration and stunning design of international standard and WOW it’s only what you can say… And the moment of magic begins at night right down there in Phuket.

Some shows enhance your imagination beyond real and brings the greatest joys together in one night or even more… From Phuket Fantasea – the ultimate cultural theme park, where you begin your journey of all fun like cultural show, carnivals, games, shopping and dining, to the Cabaret Shows which you find those transgendered performers more charming than real and exotic and hilarious… from Thai Cultural Shows which brings you to life of the past and reflects southern Thai life, to Thai Classical Dances which you find these on offer from most 5-stars resorts and restaurants…

Best of Phuket is not yet to finish unless you stop to explore… recommends you the lists of shows and entertainment below to make the best of the best memory in Phuket.  

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