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Discos & Clubs in Phuket

Party and party… is also the theme when you are in Phuket, and you feel far more than relaxed and fun, going wild and crazy. Just like in Bangkok, Phuket has something for you to get going after midnight. There are plenty of late night spots for young party-goers, and the best being  discos and clubs. Yet what differentiates Phuket’s discos and clubs is the atmosphere and scene.

Since the Phuket island is located amongst wonderful lush environment by the ocean, most nightclubs are set up around the beach, especially Patong Beach and Karon Beach, which are the places that draw the huge crowds of tourists every night. If you make a visit to the clubs around those tourist areas, you may realize international feel and taste is probably the same as in the west because you still can mingle with foreigners, well it’s in tourist area, so that’s why you will find lots of them here. But if you want to make new friends with local Thai, some clubs offers excellent alternative in the Thai way of drinking – ordering whisky and share amongst friends.

Most clubs feature a perfect mix of techno, trance, house, hip hop, hard rock and more, and also offering live music capability. Some charge an entrance fee but some are free. The entrance fee is quite affordable at around 100 – 200 baht, and drinks are also at a reasonable price.

To complete your holiday experience in Phuket, discos and clubs are a must and worth a visit. 

Come and dance your night away with us right down there. Below are the lists of discos and clubs in Phuket. 

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