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Living in Phuket isn’t just an ideal anymore when the island has gained such a huge popularity among foreigners. Falling in love with the beauty of the island and ending up settling down there, it’s ordinary. Perhaps the step is as easy as it sounds but wait a second… stop and think, is it really that easy? No way! When the blunder still blocks out the way, and that always raises up the questions of visa and legal issues.

But NO WORRIES, for those who wish to live and work in Thailand, provides you some useful information on Thai visa regulations and even gets you connected to the right answer… just about all the best for you to follow.

Non-Immigrant Visa, Work Permit, Re-entry Permit, Permanent Residence, Visa Run… these are such things need to be considered over and over… and don’t ignore even one rule of its, otherwise you will be fined a lot.

Non-Immigrant Visa is the first one of all kind that you must obtain to be able to visit Thailand. But the visa will be issued by types of categories following your purposes. The visa is broke down into several categories as follows: a diplomatic visa, a business visa, a mass media visa for accredited press representatives, a dependent visa (marriage, support a Thai child or retirement), an expert visa for skilled workers, an investor visa for those who set up companies under BOI, a study/education visa for teachers, official, capital investment, investment with concurrence of the ministries and departments concerned, education study or observation, scientific research or training, missionary work… and more.

Anyone with a non-immigrant visa who wants to continue working in Thailand must apply for a work permit. The fee ranges from 750 – 3,000 Baht (depending on the length of work permit). But they must follow these below regulations for keeping their working status safe and legally:-

  1. Keep the work permit with them during working hours to show to the government officers anytime.
  2. Only do the work that the work permit is approved to. If the change of work is needed, this action must be approved as well.
  3. Apply for an extension before the expiration date.
  4. If the work permit is damaged or lost, they must apply for substitute within 15 days from the date it is disappeared.
  5. Notify the Employment Service Office in case of change of personal details.
  6. Return the work permit within 7 days in case of resignation from work. 

If there is a violation on any of these above rules, there will always be the fine until imprisonment, depending on the case.

But if your non-immigrant visa is about to expire, you must do a visa run. You must apply for a new one from a Thai Embassy or Consulate from another country, perhaps the neighbors would be best and fast, only a few hours by plane, train or cars, or even a few steps away by foot from Thai border.

While you still have an extension of stay but you would like to travel out of Thailand for a short period, you need to apply for a re-entry permit, either for single or multiple (the fees will certainly be different). A re-entry permit can be obtained at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thai Immigration Suan Plu Bangkok and any other immigration checkpoint.

But since the new “visa run” rules were effective on October 1st 2006, the 30 day exemption stamp came into force that it can only be used back to back for a maximum of 90 days.

For those who would like to live permanently in Thailand, they can apply for a residence permit without requirement to extend temporary stay. They will have a number of advantages equivalent to Thais. They can have their name included in a house registration document. Buy a condominium without money transferred from aboard. Have Thai nationality for children who were born in Thailand. Become a director of public company. If they want to work, a work permit is still needed, but the process of getting one is more easier. After 10 consecutive years of staying in Thailand, they will be eligible to apply for a Thai citizenship.  

If you are really planning to live and work in Thailand, be prepared for all these above information. Find out more from or

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