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The main reason for foreigners settling down in Phuket is laidback and peaceful lifestyle. Once they have been to Phuket for holidays, their sudden thought of Phuket as a retirement location is also popped in. Phuket Island has extremely a perfect blend of luxury and privacy with lots of properties available at reasonable price, together with such a marvelous paradise by beaches and seas.

Over 12,000 expatriates who live in Phuket have discovered the natural beauty of the island, with temperate weather suitable to their health, heart, mind and soul, and ultimately Phuket is specially “peace on earth”. Thus, they end up choosing Phuket as their final home.

Since then, plenty of housing projects seem to be emerged in order to suit their budget, personal requirement and preferences. They can buy, rent or lease the property, BUT don’t think about it that easy. You can certainly rent or lease but you are not allowed to buy and own it for 100%, according to Thai property/real estate law. This will be very deep issue that you need to discuss with attorney.

Many quality properties can be found around the island but the price will be different depending on the location. Property in Patong Beach and Phuket town is dissimilar in prices.  Phuket town is definitely cheaper than Patong Beach where is a touristic area by the sea. In general, the price of condominium or apartment for rent is ranged from 3,500 Baht/month for a simple room up to 18,000 Baht/month for 2-storey building apartment. For house rental, the range is from 10,000 to 40,000 Baht/month. Seeking house or apartment for sale, the price is generally reasonable but can be up to the highest ceiling at multi-million US dollar. It depends on the level of quality and luxury.
In all, if you are looking for peace and simple life, Phuket has it all for the rest of your life once you are retired.

Phuket Paradise Homes Phuket Paradise Homes
  Location: Cherngtalay
Phuket Paradise Homes exists to take all the time, effort and dramas out of finding the home of your dreams on the paradise island of Phuket.

Tawan Views, luxury apartments in Phuket Tawan Views
  Location: Cherngtalay
Imagine owning a luxurious seafront apartment, set in private tropical gardens, just 15 minutes from Phuket international airport.

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