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Moving to Phuket

Many foreigners come first time to Phuket, absorb the beauty of beaches and nice fresh air, enjoy tropical climate and get a taste of relaxed lifestyle. They return here for a few more times and finally take up decision - this is it, “this is my home”. Phuket is such a heaven on earth many are eager to live for the rest of their life. But for local Thais, the island may seem a bit pricey because of excellent infrastructure and higher standard of facilities and services been upgraded for years at the high cost. Having said that, the cost of living here is still a fraction of what it is in the west for foreigners, absolutely 50% lower. Once they can’t stand the high cost there, they move here but the case isn’t simple as you weren’t originally born here.

Should you really plan to relocate to Phuket, be prepared to encounter several legal and serious issues that may or may not be problematic, depending on how well you organize all those concerns. Either retirement or business opportunities, legal document is a first to consider, it’s about visa issues - 30 days visa, 60 days tourist visa, non-immigration visa, and retirement visa. However, there are still other common and accepted ways for you to remain here in Thailand – work permit, permanent residence, and business owner. Particularly work permit, this is the first prize for those who wish to move and stay in Thailand for a longer period. Most of legal issues need verifiable paperwork to prove that you can remain in Thailand.

In addition to legal matters, other basic issues are living costs and housing. Do you have sufficient sources to survive here, to rent a place to stay and spend daily life in a month with no work (in case of retirement issues)? Even though we are certain that many do have much money to travel here and probably some have more to stay for long, just keep it in mind if you plan to move and settle down here income and money sources are essential. 
Legal services in Phuket are also available if you need advice. provides the list below.

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Moving to Phuket
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