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Over 100 years ago, in 1885, His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) bestowed His Royal Advice that the national educational philosophy should be based on the principle of learning modern technology from the western world while preserving unique Thai culture and wisdom.

Consistent with that philosophy, Phuket has become the home for many quality schools of the high international standard ranging from small language schools to large international educational institutions. Some Thai universities also have international programmes like Hotel and Tourism, International Business, MBA, etc.

Benefit is drawn closer to expatriates who decide to relocate with their family in Phuket when they will not have difficulty on how to find the right schools for their children. Phuket certainly makes their life easier, and their kids will eventually benefit something worthwhile when they grow up. They can learn Thai language of all skills: reading, speaking and writing. But many language and international schools still offer the world-class educational system from the west. So it’s all about 2 benefits in one, and Thailand becomes an extensive shade of life besides what your kids can obtain from home country.

So Phuket is quite a place where most students from all walks of life can experience the Thai culture and lifestyle while learning new skills and languages taught in both English and Thai. Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, education in Phuket offers new experience and adventure, all blended together, just once you settle down and even send your kids to schools. provides a list of schools in Phuket for you to make the right choice for your kids.     

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