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Jungle Bungy Jump

LEAP DOWN HEAD OVER from our 50m (165 ft.) tower over water and...

Here at home in Phuket, Thailand the Jungle Bungy Jump operates its jump site overlooking the beautiful woodlands of Kathu. All activities are fully insured. Operating since June 14, 1992.

Our tower is situated conveniently close to Patong Beach at a beautiful lagoon, surrounded by lush tropical green.

jungle bungy jump in phuket preparing a bungy jump in kathu, phuket

We are specialized in... guess what... ADRENALIN PRODUCTION !

We feature Bungy-Jumping, Catapult-Jumping and the Giant Rope Swing.

The Jump is 50mtrs. (165 ft.) over clear water. You can either jump alone, or in tandem with your friend. Jumpers have the option of touching the water!

The junle bungy jump site bungy jump in Thailand

Don't forget to ask for a set of photographs from your jump taken as you leap off the tower. Your first jump includes a certificate of courage...

Any activity at our site is fully insured.

What does it take to TAKE THE LEAP ...

bungy jumping in tropical paradise 50 meters bungy jump

Bungy Jumping combines so called "danger", excitement, tension and finally relief all in one simple procedure which ends up in an uncomplicated tourism attraction: The procedure is quite straight forward. Let it be up to our team - They'll follow safety procedures, check your weight and choose the right Bungy cord. You'll be tied to a long rubber band around your ankles and then YOU'LL JUMP ! That's all !

Let a few seconds of excitement last forever in an experience that will scramble your inside out and stay in your memory forever. Let it change your personality and transfer you into someone who has done Something Else ! No matter which way you fall, you can rest assured you’re in good hands! So come, see the site and talk to our team of Jumpmasters.

djungle bungy jump certificate

A cup of courage is worth more than a ton of fortune!

For those who just want to have a look and make some exiting shots, you're welcome to relax at our waterside restaurant, where we serve cold drinks and snacks.

We are open every day from 9 - 6 (rain or shine).

Jungle Bungy Jump
61/3 Moo 6
Phuket 83120

Tel.: +66-76-321 351
Fax: +66-76-321 351


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