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Hospitals & Clinics in Phuket

Rest assured in good hands! Yes that’s what Phuket can do since the island offers many more modern and excellent hospitals and clinics holding higher international standard. Although the cost is comparatively cheaper than the West, travel insurance is still needed to cover medical treatments and hospital stays if it’s serious case. Good insurance can be of your guarantee to pay less.

There are many hospitals and clinics available around the city, both government and private ones, so that will differentiate the range of services and quality. Some are more like 5-star hotels and resorts since they offer world-class facilities and high tech equipment, that’s what international hospitals need to offer. And you will even feel more comfortable and relaxed there since the staffs can speak English to deal with foreign patients. If you go to government ones, the service may be a bit different, and most are smaller but cheaper. Better, if you are into a severe problem, go to larger hospitals.  Thai doctors are also very skillful, well-trained and educated from overseas, and they speak very fluent English. There are some clinics and doctors who speak multi-language.

Moreover, there are also an abundance of private clinics offering more services than just regular treatments and check-up. Plastic surgery is on the list of procedures or is a separate clinic just for that. The surgery comes to deal with people’s beauty and body and many clinics can perform different treatments such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, face lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. Hospitals also offer these procedures.  But we suggest you need many days to stay for surgery operation due to several processes, like discussion with doctors, appointment, check-up, x-ray and heart test.

Plan your trip well and don’t forget to apply for insurance before you come to Thailand. 

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